Health and Safety Packages

What does a Derwent Safety Centre Health and Safety Package include?

In addition to the appointment of Derwent Safety Centre as your named ‘Competent Person’, the health and safety package we provide to you will depend upon which package you choose.

The type of package that is right for you is determined through a fact-finding consultation during which our consultant will ask the right questions to discover the size, level of risk and requirements of your business, as every business is different.

Bronze Package


£350 per year


Independent contractors or small businesses.


Provision of a Competent Person and access to basic health and safety advice.

Support included: 

  • telephone support
  • written support/preparation of documents for up to 2 hrs per year; 
  • email updates;
  • quarterly newsletters; and
  • access to safety guidance, procedures, forms and other standard notes.
  • prepare a Health and Safety Policy

Optional Health and Safety Policy

As an additional service, we can prepare your Risk Assessments to ensure they are in line with current legislation.

Documentation is provided electronically as an Adobe Acrobat PDF.

Silver Package


£875 per year 


Expanding small businesses who typically have premises and T/O > £1m.


Provision of a Competent Person and access to health and safety advice.

Support includes all items on the Bronze Package, PLUS: 

  • an initial meeting to agree the companies’ objectives and needs;
  • upon renewal, a further meeting in order to review performance and determine a strategy for the forthcoming year;
  • *upon each renewal, a Policy review and update as necessary to ensure current trends and legislative compliance are addressed effectively; and
  • *upon each renewal a review and update of Risk and/or COSHH Assessments and Guidance Notes in line with current legislation.

All documentation is produced and presented electronically as an Adobe Acrobat pdf.

*Refers only to current documentation prepared by Derwent Safety Centre Ltd

Gold Package


£525 per month 


Larger companies who are keen to demonstrate a proactive approach to ensuring health and safety procedures are implemented and monitored effectively.


Provision of a Competent Person, access to advice and regular attendance to ensure the company maintains the highest health and safety systems and processes necessary to achieve its obligations.


Support includes all items on the Bronze and Silver Packages, PLUS:  

  • attendance by a professional, Chartered Health and Safety Practitioner at your Company premises, or on-site, for one day per month.
  • During the monthly visits, our practitioner will undertake documentation reviews and updates, manager briefings, site meetings/visits and toolbox talks.

Platinum Package


Individually quoted, dependent upon requirements.


Large, multi-site businesses or corporations who require a more personalised approach, extensive support and tailored documentation.


To avoid having to employ, train, incentivise and manage a full time, highly qualified Health and Safety Manager within the business.


Below are some examples of typical items that may be included in a bespoke package:

  • health and safety training;
  • appoint of a competent health and safety person;
  • regular attendance to health and safety team meetings;
  • multiple, nationwide site visits;
  • tailored company documentation to address specialist health and safety risks; or
  • emergency incident telephone support.
  • accident investigation.